Nutritional Powerhouse
Striking garnish
Easily add flavor
Key nutrients to support strong immune health
Start your day right
Perfect for life on the go


Microgreens are tiny vegetable & herb plants. Beyond their use as a garnish, Microgreens are a superfood. 

They are nutrient dense & easy to incorporate into the foods you’re already eating bringing bold flavors to the palate & striking colors to the plate. 

Microgreens are typically harvested during the cotyledon stage of growth, which is later than “sprouts,” but before they grow into “baby greens.” 

Because they are harvested during this stage, they posses all the nutrients required to support full growth and therefore contain between four and forty times more nutritional value than the plant at maturity.

how to eat

Microgreens are ideal for increasing the nutritional value of the foods you’re already eating no matter your diet.   Their bold flavors make them delicious additions to salads, sandwiches, wraps, tacos, smoothies, soups, grains, potatoes and meats.